Saturday, May 25, 2013

Horseshoe Island

sWith access to our planned site difficult on this day we headed first to the Whangateau harbour looking for potential nesting sites for endangered birds. It was low tide and so we were able to explore the estuary and check out the small sand Islands.

Unfortunately we found these two Variable Oystercatchers just recently snagged by discarded nylon fishing line on another Island that is favoured by Caspian Terns.  They became snagged, one by its feet and the other by its wings and then were unable to escape. You can see by the length of this line that the two birds had little chance to avoid being caught.This  had happened quite recently by the state of the birds.

After removing the line it was time to head further North to check out some trapping sites that protect other coastal nesting sites. Two rats a mouse and a hedgehog were caught. By now the day had deteriorated and we were wet and cold. The North Easter had cooled things down so it was time to head for home, tea and hot soup to warm up. An enjoyable day just being outside in these wonderful landscapes.