Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hauturu (Little Barrier Island)

At last!  I have been trying to get to Hauturu for some time but last year each time we got close the weather turned and the boat was cancelled and its quite a mission to get permits and all your gear through the quarantine process which is designed to protect this amazing Island. However it was worth waiting for.

 Richard and Leigh, the Department of Conservation Rangers with their two children were at the formidable pebble beach to meet us as we landed in small groups trying to avoid the occasional incoming wave.

Hauturu has over 400 species of plants and is home to more endangered bird species than any other place in New Zealand.  Leigh likened Hauturu to Galapagos in terms of importance and significance on a World scale as far as the range of incredible wildlife to be found.

Thanks to Sally everything was very well organised and thanks to someone else the weather was absolutely perfect.  We had a marvellous day and thanks to Lyn too for the beautiful guided bush walk. We saw kaka flying overhead and whiteheads, bellbirds, saddleback and heard kakapo, kokako and long-tailed cuckoo.  We also saw young tuatara and the amazing wetapunga which as you can see is a huge insect much larger than a mouse, here is one sitting on Leigh's wrist.

More to follow... Photos at this link