Friday, June 6, 2014

Vale of Kashmir

It’s on my bucket list, Kashmir. That’s after Western Australia towards the end of this year. I don’t usually rave about camera equipment but the photos in this excellent book by John Issac are all taken on an Olympus E1 camera which was the first digital camera (2004) that I owned. Some reviews at the time  panned it for not having enough mega pixels It had 6 but boy every mega pixel was excellent and the camera a pleasure to use particularly for landscape  and nature photography. I published my little North Shore Bush book with images taken with this camera. It was a very miss-understood camera  system.

 John Issac is a master. Originally a UN photographer until  the effects of human suffering  in war torn countries got the better of him and he re-invented himself as a wildlife and travel photographer.. The photos of Kashmir are just beautiful with a Rembrandt, biblical  quality, particularly  the portraits.
 This book is an inspiration and I recommend it to anyone who thinks that high spec’d cameras are the key to good photography. I have moved on to a Canon system for its focus tracking and high ISO, essential for birds in flight photography but I  have kept all my Olympus lenses and will build an Olympus light weight camera system for Island hopping and travel with their latest offering, this time, the well reviewed OMD EM1.

That’s enough camera talk for a year or maybe a lifetime..

This book was a great present Thank you so much.