Monday, November 24, 2014

Motuketekete Island and East Coast Stopover

Fantastic blue sky day, Summer has arrived, on Motuketekete island  just out from Sandspit. I have passed this Island and Moturerekareka Island many times on my way to Motuora Island and have always wondered what it would be like to land and explore. Yesterday I had my chance with Bot Soc and it was good to see so many familiar smiling faces with the delight of an Island visit.

 Thirty five members on two boats from Sandspit. We were met by the owners of the Island who had already arrived and they outlined the history and welcomed us to this 50 acre Island.

More photos to follow.

East Coast Stopover

At the end of our Motuteketeke visit after returning to Sandspit I met up with my 'Monday friend'  for dinner and stayed overnight in a little cottage on a river bank by the sea to allow us to spend the following day watching dotterel, oystercatcher and fairy tern on the East coast. It was a warm muggy day and the sea was just too inviting to ignore for a swim to cool off.