Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bird Island - in the Kaipara.

Bird Island today.  I tagged along with a friend for a high tide bird roost count.  The weather was fine with no wind  so an easy paddle across before high tide. A few traps were checked before arriving at the Northern tip to set up the scope and start counting. At least 2000 South Island pied oystercatchers was a good start. And godwit, white-fronted and Caspian tern. Just one variable oystercatcher(VOC)

When the  three sites were counted we than checked and re-baited  the trap lines that   protect the Forest and Bird created  fairy tern site on the Island.

 Six tons of shell were helicoptered in a while back in the hope of giving our very rare fairy tern another site to nest at. The East coast sites are under pressure and this site is on an Island with the potential of little disturbance.

The high tide bird roost

Long-tailed blue

Counting at one of the three high tide  sites.

Godwit flyby

Good Nature trap being re-baited

Where you go I will follow and get covered in mud too.

Fairy Tern decoys. Not so sure about those skewers.


Heading back on the low tide. Some haulage will be required.

REWARD- Kontiki Salvage on the 3rd of March resulted in a reward from the owner who came to pick it up a couple of weeks ago. So that paid for dinner and a glass of wine or two at the Thai restaurant which  I got to choose as it was my turn.