Monday, November 2, 2015

Matapouri Coast and hidden pathways.

Back on the Tutukaka coast exploring familiar beaches and hidden paths some leading to secluded beaches.
A solo juvenile godwit on the beach and three endangered pateke duck exploring a drainage ditch in daylight at Wooleys Bay. Sea primrose in flower at Ngungaru, Wooleys bay and at the Mermaid pools.

I wanted to revisit the Mermaid pools. Its a steep tricky path at the end of Matapouri  beach probably not to be attempted when wet. The pools were a stunning colour and quite still like a millpond today. On my previous visit a couple of years back the sea was wild and I couldn't get in for a dip. Today was perfect, the cool fresh water took my breath away.  The sun warmed rocks soon warmed me up as I dried off. I'm not sure that a Merman pool is quite so interesting as a Mermaid pool.

Whale bay as beautiful as ever I had to have a swim here and later I climbed high above the beach to a headland that maybe could be a pa site.
On the coastal path to Whale bay native clematis is in flower these are the male flowers.

This is a great coastline with so much to explore and the rivers entering the little estuary at Matapouri are great for kayaking too.

Behind Matapouri beach I discovered a hidden pathway leading  to a beautiful  grove of Nikau palms in the DOC Otito Reserve.

 Photos to follow.....