Sunday, March 12, 2017

Casnell Island in the rain

Its 6.57 am and I am on my way. Our original plan to head to Big Sand Island on the Kaipara but a check of the weather reports at my 'Monday friend's cottage, on route, showed weather warnings of very high rainfall particularly on that West coast.

Casnell Island became our changed destination and the tide was just right for walking across the causeway with dry feet. Well that wasn't to last as the rain came tipping down and although the island is bush covered my feet were soon soaked.

Casnell Island
Monday friend - 'Singing in the Rain'!

 However the rest of me remained dry and with high spirits and with our usual laughter as we explored the island with my friend telling me all about the various visits she had made over some years to clear weeds such as tree privet which would otherwise take over the place.

On walking deeper into one area we saw a morepork fly in front of us and settle on a branch and were then able to study it and photograph it for some time. A tui nearby seemed to be trying to rattle it but apart from making bobbing movement it didn't seem concerned.

Morepork with puffed up feathers to keep dry.