Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wadeable or Swimmable?

With our usual humour I pondered on the idea of writing my memoirs one day and wondered what title I would use for the Chapter about my many Kaipara visits shared with a  good friend. I did it 'Her Way' came to mind

So why are we here? Well many reasons really but checking traps, bait stations, counting birds and other bird projects  are the important  ones. Enjoying a great environment and shared fun also comes pretty high on the list too.

With a particularly high tide our usual slippery muddy walk through the mangroves and estuary edge turned into more of a wade. However the water was not too cold and the chance to get up close with fern bird was another bonus.

Looking back to check that I am still above water.

As the tide recedes we start to dry out and then a shower of rain.