Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Zoo Kids

It's always fun at the Auckland zoo and yesterday with my 'Monday friend' there were lots of laughs as we explored all the fascinating set-pieces housing fascinating creatures from around the World.

 It was good to view the zoo through another persons interest and to take a different route to explore. Even the old Meer Cat tunnels were worth exploring just for the heck of it. We stayed until 5pm winter closing time.

I'm a regular visitor to Auckland zoo whenever I have a couple of hours free as I have an annual pass. I really admire the wonderful location and the huge input to NZ wildlife too and the interest and dedication of the staff.

With both of us having an interest in predator control we were intrigued to  see several rats in pens which was of particular interest for us to try and ID the species. Brown rat or Black rat we wondered. Not easy to ascertain as they move quite fast and with only my small camera I was not able to get a high quality photo this time.