Friday, February 2, 2018

3.6 Metre tide at Shoal

It's a 3.6 Metre tide today but fortunately the North Easterly has reduced considerably so the birds will still have some shell banks for roosting.

I count 93 bar-tailed godwit that I watched fly in and land dead on High tide at 9.37 am but they were soon disturbed by two people paddle boarding and so some of the group flew East. I was keen to see where they had gone so walked along the edge of the Estuary only to see a smaller group of 19 fly back in V formation.

I then found the rest of the birds on a small difficult to observe shell bank surrounded by mangroves  along with pied stilt and Variable oystercatcher. The birds seem jittery this morning.
 I'm hanging off a cliff above high tide water with tripod and scope to count the birds and camera as a second check for later in case I have missed anything.

More to follow.....................