Thursday, April 5, 2018

Auckland NZ Dotterel Forum -2018

Great to catch up with  dotterel minders and others at the Dotterel Forum held at the Art Gallery at Orewa today. This  included Council and Doc staff, Miranda shorebird Centre people including Keith, Jojo and  Adrian Riegen who today was updating us with the on going research work at Stewart Island to try and find out why the Southern NZ dotterel population is rapidly declining.

Other topics discussed were the on-going saga of dog owners not following bylaw signage to keep dogs out of sensitive wildlife areas or put their dogs on leash. Kerry outlined some interesting signage research to see what approach gets the best compliance results.

This link is for the video made last year that I was asked to supply photos for to highlight the birds of the Orewa estuary.

Then quite by chance - I'm a great believer in 'Chance', on leaving the meeting I bumped into Joel and his partner Nicolle from Highpoint who had stopped for lunch at the Orewa Estuary. Their company  specialises in abseiling to remove pest plants and was contracted by Auckland Council to help  lay out our initial bait line and I joined Joel to help with this in Shoal Bay during June 2016.

Informal workshop with Joel, Bill, Amy and myself in 2016

 Joel was interested to hear our progress and that everyone is still with the group that I co-ordinate.. I learnt heaps from Joel and wish them luck with their on-going business.

More to follow................

Heading to the Kaipara next. The plan is to ferry full water containers to the Island on the kayaks..