Sunday, May 20, 2018

Miranda Musings

The Miranda Chenier plains are an enigmatic landscape.  Maybe its simply the mystery and wonder of the thousands of birds that visit here or could it  be at a deeper more personal level that I struggle with to fully fathom out.

Birders heading for the Pied Stilt hide
Wrybill adjusting their location on the shell banks

A fine day to be here and enjoy the birds. Great to catch-up with some familiar faces and enjoy their news updates and stories. The Miranda team as usual always helpful and full of knowledge that they are always prepared to share. On arrival at the Wrybill hide Adrian was ready to share a sighting of a lone black-tailed godwit. A rare sight. Adrian then pointed out the features including a very straight bill compared to the usual bar-tailed godwit that we see. updated 22.05.2018

More to follow............................................