Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Here we go again!

One of the largest trees in the area a macrocarpa in a garden in Northboro' road is  being destroyed because its roots venture into the Rutherford Street,  Ngati Whatua Orakei development area. Old large trees are  important trees for morepork and other birds like white faced herons to roost ( rest)  and nest safely.

Macrocarpa destruction Northboro Rd

View from Rutherford Street

 29 trees are being destroyed on the Rutherford  site This Liquid amber tree was the first to go.

Rutherford liquid amber
Partly felled liquid amber

More  trees will be removed  in the Northboro Reserve as part of the Reserve land swap sanctioned by the Local Devonport Takapuna board.
Auckland Council do recognise that large trees are in short supply in the Auckland area and are important to soak up storm water, add shade, and soak up carbon to help the climate but they continue to allow them to be destroyed.

 The Council are still sending out mixed messages that they support the Forest and Bird initiative of the North West Wild-link a tree covered corridor to allow birds to move between the bird friendly islands  to the Waitakeres. So why do they continue to sanction the destruction of so many trees?