Sunday, October 28, 2018

Welcome the Birds.- Miranda

A fine day at Miranda to welcome nearly 5000 bar-tailed godwits so far this season. Good to catch up with some familiar faces and also to meet  new people.

At the Wrybill hide an American couple from Eugene, Oregon state  explained the Court case  Juliane v. US Climate Lawsuit, in their home town that is for young people  challenging the US Government  regarding lack of action on dealing with the serious effects of Climate change that will deny Youth a future..It appears that the US Government were joined by the  Oil Industry to try and close this trial down.

 Juvenile Godwit (spotty looking) right hand side bird

Back to the birds at Miranda and today there are nearly five thousand Godwit that along with Knots have recently arrived to feed up during our Summer.

Then followed a talk by John Tregidga about the sad state of the Hauraki Gulf. John is the Mayor of Hauraki District and is involved with the Hauraki Gulf Forum and Spatial plan.
 Like so many environmental, issues fine reports are written but no action is mandated to follow.

Photos and More to follow...……………………………………..