Friday, March 6, 2020

Celebration !

Ngataringa Bay at low tide

I have been trying to get dog signage into Ngataringa bay for some years now to protect the important high tide roost site. I started the process in 2013 and worked with a Council contractor on the locations that required signage.. The bylaw was updated in 2015 with the added protection ruling of 'No Dogs on Shell Banks or in Mangroves to protect Wildlife'.

Signage by Council appeared a year later in 2016 all around Shoal and Ngataringa estuaries but it was disappointing that no signage although requested and shown on the plans appeared at this location.
So a celebration today to see signage at last in two locations to protect this important site.

 The next challenge is trying to get the wording of these signs to be consistent with the 2015 updated 2012 bylaw to make sense to be meaningful to protect these areas.

Dog signage at last at Ngataringa estuary