Sunday, October 28, 2012

ABS Diamond Jubilee 27.10.2012

I was quite humbled to be asked to attend and photograph the Auckland Botanical Societies 75th year celebration at Unitec on Sunday. With excellent speakers and plenty of humour about past trips to interesting Islands and corners of New Zealand and beyond there was something for everyone that attended.

Previously on the 12th October had been the launch of the wonderful book 'Auckland's Remarkable Urban Forest' by Mike Wilcox president of Bot Soc. Mike also talked about his vision for the future care of this urban forest.

 Another book listing the vascular plant species on Hauturu (Little Barrier Island) was also launched at the Jubilee meeting.

Taking the group photo at the end of the day and being asked to actually be in it (that's me in the centre operating the remote control, click on photo to see full view) was a further delight along with being awarded a chocolate fish at the evening dinner for being a most enthusiastic new member. My Congratulations to  'Bot Soc'. What a great day to remember.