Thursday, July 24, 2014

Roll On Summer

The silly grin is because what you can't see in this photo is the rather unpleasant sight of my self cooked evening meal, that I had just rescued, from nearly dropping 'jam side down' on the grass. Kitchens are dangerous places for me and I have caused explosions in microwaves.  A camp stove should be easy. However it nearly always ends badly.
This was in January this year camping on my favourite Island, Motuihe.  I like to have the Island to myself but good company is also welcome. It’s a busy schedule. Up at dawn for the sunrise and out at dusk watching for little- spotted kiwi and tuatara . Sadly there are less boats now to the Island  and the storm damage to the pier doesn’t help with that. I am really looking forward to going back this coming summer. So if you are passing and would like to join me for an evening meal, especially if you are a good cook, then just look out for my little blue tent……

Oh and please bring along a fire extinguisher, just in case!