Sunday, July 13, 2014

Shifting Sands then Wet Wet Wet!

A good start with clear skies but then no need to throw myself in the river this week although I might have stayed drier if I had.

I had promised to help with carrying some gear to the river site on the East coast and part way through the forest  just before we reached the dunes and beach the rain started, then became torrential the moment we left the relative shelter of the forest.

Eliane checked the traps several of which were buried  in the sand -dunes from the recent cyclone. I went back for more gear hoping for some shelter in the forest but it made no difference. Fortunately I had donned my rain gear just in time. Eliane didn't and ended up soaked. We eventually abandoned the project for another day but at least I felt I had done my part which was helping to carry everything in.

We headed home to get into dry clothes and spent an hour or two thumbing  through my Kashmir book, admiring the beautiful photos. Then  it was my turn  to choose somewhere for dinner.