Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kontiki Salvage

While bird watching on the East Coast we found this rather expensive kontiki on the beach and decided to clear up the tangle of nylon line to make the beach safer.

 The battery was still showing a recharge light. We decided to rescue the device and struggled back to the car over the dunes. We thought it would be good to return to the owner and maybe find out where it had come from. Will post the outcome of this story

A prized Kontiki washed up on the East coast

Removing the nylon line from the sea also entangled in sea weed

Dangerous hooks and nylon a high risk for sea birds and other sea life


Yes I did help too with carrying it back to the car!
VOC nest but this is an infertile egg
Muehlenbeckia Fruit

Sea Primrose
REWARD- Kontiki Salvage on the 3rd of March resulted in a reward from the owner who came to pick it up a couple of weeks ago. So that paid for dinner and a glass of wine or two at the Thai restaurant which  I got to choose as it was my turn.