Thursday, May 21, 2015

Auckland NZ Dotterel Forum

I was pleased to be asked by Gwen Pulham to attend the Auckland NZ dotterel forum at Ambury Reserve on Monday 18th this week. Gwen had asked me to show the photos of the dotterel shelters and tell the story of how I came upon them to the audience of dotterel management groups including Tawharanui and Shakespear park.
It was good to catch up with Keith from Miranda who introduced me to Denise who sometime back had been the biodiversity ranger on the Chatham Isles. Denise is now working in Hawkes bay and has promised to send me some interpretive signage info when she returns from her Vietnam trip to help with the new signage I am working on with Forest & Bird for Tuff Crater.

Met up with some other new people and all in  all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great idea to exchange ideas about what helps with the management of these endangered birds that now live so close to a rapidly increasing human population.

Well I'm off to Rotorua at the weekend to stay in a bach on the lake. Had better get my packing started.
Oh Yes and I nearly forgot, It's my birthday today, So............ Happy Birthday to Me!