Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beaches, Traps & Tina Turner

Now that should have you interested? Well this was a good day with friend  Eliane and I checking the traps on the East coast below Mangawhai. We met up with Colleen and Guy who's land we have to cross to get to one of the beaches and Colleen invited us in to have our lunch  in their rustic hideaway timber cottage. It was nice to catch up. We haven't met since summer 2014.

 Duck shooters were around one of the beaches today  so we took care. Ducks were flying at speed to get away and heading out to sea.

Shore skink
Under one of the traps we found this Shore skink which unusually didn't run of at high speed, it must have been cold from the night before. The traps were quite successful today with four hedgehogs one young rabbit, a couple of rats and this female weasel

Female weasel

In the evening we met up with other friends for dinner and a show with a fa'afafine act Cindy Filo  singing Tina Turner songs. Everyone was up on the floor dancing.

I crawled into bed like a teenager just before mid -night!

More photos to follow...........................