Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cape Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park Coastline

I wanted to see the Thombolites at Clifton Lake on the way to the Margaret River and here we are on the boardwalk leading out over these 2000 year old living fossils. To most peoples  amusement  They are on my 'bucket list'  The spiders in the reeds were fascinating too.

Thrombolites at Lake Clifton

Amazing spiders strung out on webs between the reeds -Lake Clifton

Male Wood duck with chicks

White - Fronted Robin

Exploring the Cape Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park coastline with its amazing variety of wildlife

New Holland Honeyeater

Bob-tailed lizard.

Sunday 4th December
Cape Naturaliste and then to my favourite secluded bay at Castle Rock where I was pleased to see the beautiful Fairy Wren with two young chicks.

Fairy Wren

Fairy Wren

Fairy Wren with young chick

Monday 5th December - Augusta and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Boranup Forest Giant Karri trees

Tuesday 6th December Ellenbrook Homestead
This is a quite beautiful place and I will return on another visit. The homestead set by a shaded stream has an interesting history and the grounds are said to be good for orchids in the right season.
I settle for watching a spider wasp dragging a huge spider that was still alive. Just paralysed by a powerful sting.

Ellenbrook Homestead

Spider wasp with prey

Tuesday 6th December Rivermouth to watch for hawks in the evening light

Wenesday 7th December  The Ludlow Tuart Forest and Peppermint Beach
This forest is the rarest forest in the world with Tuart trees only found naturally in this region. Many species rely on this special habitat for their survival.

The Ludlow Tuart Forest

Peppermint Beach