Monday, March 26, 2018

Cloud 9

I'm back exploring my favourite North of Auckland estuary and I'm on cloud 9. I love walking and kayaking here. I have often climbed to the top of that hill to enjoy the stunning views of islands and inlets.

Today I'm chatting to a just moved in 'new local' asking him about his wonderful little craft called Cloud 9 and how he finds living in this beautiful location.

 Earlier I chatted to a another keen local. She thought I was from DOC checking on the little blue penguins that have become washed up in the next bay suffering from mal-nutrition. She has been monitoring a trap line in the hills above the estuary for 10 years..

On the way home called into the Waiwera settlement to check out the high tide roost site and dotterel nesting area. Counted 266 South Island pied oystercatcher. 35 Variable oystercatcher, 17 NZ dotterel and 9 red-billed gulls.

266 South island Pied oystercatchers
Photos and More to follow..........................................