Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Secret Beach

Today I am in search of a secluded white shell beach that can only be reached by wading across a river when the tide is favourable.

 My favourite estuary is gradually revealing its hidden treasures. This place has been on my list for some years since I read about the small historic cemetery behind this beach.

Today the tide was perfect for an easy paddle (by foot) across the river inlet to explore. A small secluded camp site at the far end was noted and today I had the place to myself which was perfect. On the beach a dead blue penguin which is what the lady earlier in the week had mentioned. Next time I will paddle (kayak) to this location and maybe take the tent and stay a while.

Then back to the little settlement where I had seen Cloud 9 earlier this week and another interesting 'boaty' character who has been exploring this area for 30 years with an amazing kayak like craft with an over sized sail that really moved although it took some time to rig.
 I was away quicker and paddling (kayak) across the estuary. Then looked back to watch his craft disappear out of sight and I thought maybe I should consider a sail for my kayak.

 Ended up for a picnic lunch at another secluded lovely beach. Then a swim as the water temperature is still so pleasant.   

'Barracuda' pulled up the beach

A selfie just for the record.

Photos and more to follow.