Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A couple of weekends ago I visited Miranda Shore Bird Centre. I was at the hide early because I didn't want to miss the high tide as I had on previous occasions. I then realised I was about two hours early, how keen is that? A volunteer guide from the centre arrived with an impressive Nikon scope.

I had already spotted a little group of wrybills that were fortunately pretty close but with the knowledge of the volunteer and a high mag scope along with other visitors we were treated to a wonderful collection of so many more birds further out at the waters edge. Godwits, black billed gulls, gull billed terns, variable oystercatchers, NZ dotterel, spur winged plover etc etc It now appears that only on very high tides does the water actually bring the birds close up to the hide.

While I snapped away at the closer wrybills I listened to every detail that the very knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteer shared with a small group of visitors that day including a couple from Sweden. I didn't want to leave as I soaked up the atmosphere and tried to assimilate a little more knowledge of this wonderful place. As the other visitors left the guide and myself continued to watch a variable oystercatcher actually break open an oyster shell. I am indebted to that volunteer for opening my eyes to such a wonderful sight. Sharing our delightful wildlife with other people is a real gift.