Sunday, July 24, 2016

Return of the 'ratpack'

Yesterday we returned to  Jutland road to meet up with Joel to check bait stations located a month ago. It was a good turnout with several new faces from local projects and local interested neighbours. Someone must have done a rain-dance because although fine when discussing plans it soon started to rain as on our last visit as soon as we headed towards the bait stations.

Jutland 'Ratpack' and friends

Joel led the way showing how to record the bait take up and this took most of the morning. Then people volunteered for various lines to continue checking bait stations through the coming months.

Don't forget your bait station key

 In the afternoon Joel and I laid another bait line through the coastal fringe vegetation and this should help protect this bush particularly coming up to the nesting season.

 We hope that by knocking down the predator populations that our shore birds including the NZ dotterels will be able to nest successfully on the shell banks around the bay and this should also help the rarely seen banded rails that inhabit the foreshore.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Guess who's feet?

I'm North again.There had been some very heavy rain and all this mud had been washed into the estuary to replace the usual sand with several dead sheep too. The going was not easy but bare feet really was the only solution as I gradually became welded to one spot.

Facial anybody?
Sculptured landscape

A gaggle of red-billed gulls

Sculptured dunes

Early dotterel nest-scrape.

Wind pattern