Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Godwits take off and a Pied Shag too

As the tide increases to 3.2metres in Shoal Bay the 200 godwit become more agitated as space becomes limited on their shellbank roost site and so they are forced to find more space at another site. 

The godwit flock on the move

Heading to the next bay to find roost space from an incoming tide.

Pied stilt during take off.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Waiting to be fed

This welcome Swallow chick was just waiting so patiently to be fed and hey presto-mum or dad to the rescue. The birds love to hunt for insects above this pipe over a wetland water feature.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Welcome the Birds.- Miranda

A fine day at Miranda to welcome nearly 5000 bar-tailed godwits so far this season. Good to catch up with some familiar faces and also to meet  new people.

At the Wrybill hide an American couple from Eugene, Oregon state  explained the Court case  Juliane v. US Climate Lawsuit, in their home town that is for young people  challenging the US Government  regarding lack of action on dealing with the serious effects of Climate change that will deny Youth a future..It appears that the US Government were joined by the  Oil Industry to try and close this trial down.

 Juvenile Godwit (spotty looking) right hand side bird

Back to the birds at Miranda and today there are nearly five thousand Godwit that along with Knots have recently arrived to feed up during our Summer.

Then followed a talk by John Tregidga about the sad state of the Hauraki Gulf. John is the Mayor of Hauraki District and is involved with the Hauraki Gulf Forum and Spatial plan.
 Like so many environmental, issues fine reports are written but no action is mandated to follow.

Photos and More to follow...……………………………………..

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Royal Visit To Shoal Bay this morning.

Counting the birds, including the Godwit at  high tide this morning I was able to photograph this Royal Spoonbill flying over Shoal Bay estuary. Another 'At Risk' classified bird.

Royal Spoonbill
Royal Spoonbill with bar-tailed godwit and a pair of variable oystercatchers waiting for low tide to feed.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


What a beautiful day …  Photos and more to follow...…………..

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Welcome To the Godwits.- Giving the Birds a Voice!

A great fun event today at Ngataringa Bay to welcome the arrival of the bar-tailed godwits to Shoal and Ngataringa Bays for our Summer.Great to see so many people and children too.

This event was organised by the local community, a coalition of various groups concerned about the threats to the Bayswater Environment from large scale developments plans for around this DOC designated,  Site of Significant Wildlife  Interest  (SSWI).

Development plans risk sedimentation into the estuary as has happened at the Okura estuary North of Shoal and Ngataringa estuaries. .
Following the Mihi by Danny Watson. The Devonport Druid continues the Godwit story.
The aim of the event was to welcome the bar-tailed godwit that began arriving from Alaska on September the 12th after their 11.500 kilometre flight and to highlight this local fragile environment and the risks to roosting (resting) birds using the Chenier shell banks.

Danny Watson, Philip and the Devonport Druid.

 This particular shell bank was missed off the Auckland Unitary Plan overlays and we have asked Auckland Council for its addition with an  SEA Marine 1 status.

 Today there are 219 godwit roosting (resting) on the shell bank at high tide. These numbers should increase  to nearly 300.

 A big thankyou to the organisers and helpers. A special thanks to Iain, Danny L and Steve for the heavy lifting to the site and thinking things through. Trish for supervising the young fledglings.  Thanks to Helene and the Forest & Bird Team. A grateful thanks to Oonah Caldwell for letting us use her section. A Huge thankyou to Danny Watson and the Druid.

A really important thankyou to Anna Baine, our very supportive Council Ranger for supplying the food courtesy of Auckland Council. And finally a special thankyou to all those members of the community that supported this event, not forgetting the Flagstaff for advanced successful advertising  and support.