Friday, July 31, 2020

Gulf Connections LATE POST

It was good to team up again on Tuesday evening with Katina Conomos and Sue Neureuter for our talk entitled

 Gulf Connections - from our Shoal Bay to the Noises Islands. 

Following my introduction about the many 'At Risk' shorebird species  that are resident or visit our local estuaries  Katina and Sue then showcased the beautiful Noises islands. Sue outlined   the loss of species and biodiversity that has occured during the years that Sue and  her family had visited their Island bach over many summers.
 Sediment flowing into the Hauraki Gulf is part of the the problem and that is a shared issue with Shoal Bay as development increases around the estuary edge.

It was good to meet Romy Udanga who hosted the evenings story telling and a big thanks to all who ventured out on a cold evening to help make this special event a success.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Save Canal Road Trees

A small forest of around 50 mature native trees at Avondale is being destroyed for development with no intervention by the Local Board or Auckland Council.

 And yet Auckland Council is so proud of its glossy well presented
Auckland's Urban Ngahere (Forest) Strategy document. 
The Auckland Council website claims
We are taking a strategic approach to knowing, growing, and protecting our urban ngahere (forest).

The nine principles of Auckland's Urban Ngahere (Forest) Strategy

  • Right tree in the right place.
  • Preference for native species.
  • Ensure urban forest diversity.
  • Protect mature, healthy trees.
  • Create ecological corridors and connections.
  • Access for all residents.
  • Manage urban forest on public and private land.
  • Deploy regulatory and non-regulatory tools.
  • Manage the whole lifecycle of urban trees.
Fine words but  what is strategic about not saving a native tree canopy of 17 different native tree species some of which are rare? They also have significant historical and environmental value too. 

How is meaningful tree protection going to be acheived without restoration of tree protection that was removed from the RMA in 2012?
Due to apparent unsafe and poor work practises on this site Worksafe has issued a Stop work Prohibition Notice on this site - a small reprieve for the trees and the many locals who support their protection.

During March & April 2021 nearly all these trees were destroyed. Auckland Council made no meaningful attempt to save them. The community were greatly saddened by this action.

Friday, July 17, 2020

So near and yet so far- The Trans-Tasman bubble

An email catch -up with my  Fairy tern researcher friend Claire in Western Australia reminds me that with Covid 19 still rampant in some areas of Australia the chance to visit again will be delayed for some time.
Claire has just sent me her latest just co-authored  Fairy tern paper about the populations of this bird on the coast of Western Australia.

During my many visits to WA I have been able to observe these fascinating terns on the Swan river and nearby coastline and further South.. On my last visit Claire enabled me to visit one of her projects at a island Navy base. A rare opportunity indeed and it was amazing to watch 100 birds at a roost site. In the evening 400 hundred birds were using this location as a night roost site.

 In New Zealand you are unlikely to see more than a few birds at any one time due to their low total population numbers (40) and the fact that they are not colony nesters.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Tutukaka Coast

Back on the Tutukaka coast enjoying coastal bush tracks and wonderful headland views. A quiet time to visit just before the schools break up and bargain campervan hires hit the road full of domestic travellers  following the demise of foreign visitors due to Covid 19..

Photos to follow..............................