Sunday, April 26, 2020

New Zealand eBird Atlas.

Its been great to catch-up on all manner of things as lockdown restricts our movements. I have  been searching through old records and updating monitoring records of some local projects including several hundred records at Shoal Bay and Ngataringa estuaries..

 The recently completed series of  4 weekly webinars on the eBird New Zealand Atlas have been very informative. I have now been able to migrate appropriate completed lists since the beginning of this project in June 2019 to the NZ Atlas portal.This is a five year project.

 Its great to be able to contribute to this project and I thank the webinar team and Birds NZ for their expertise and enthusiasm for getting this project off the ground.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Lock down activities - what's eating the Hoheria?

Weevils. Well at least one that I could find. It's the hoheria flowering season. I always look forward to these amazing white flowers. But this weevil is munching its way though the leaves.

Weevil eating hoheria leaves

Weevil eating hoheria leaves