Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Welcome Swallow dipped in blue"

This is a late last post of 2011 but seemed appropriate with all this tropical rain today.

A couple of weeks or more back I was working on my computer when I was distracted, it doesn't take much, by this welcome swallow swooping and turning below the large oak tree that overhangs my garden from next door.

It was heavy rain and I think that maybe insects were disturbed from the tree. Apparently English oak trees can host up to 300 different species. The swallow was occasionally joined by another and I watched their acrobatics for some time.

Every so often this bird would stop for a rest on the washing line. A friend described this beautifully "A welcome swallow dipped in blue rests momentarily on our washing line while plucking insects from the falling rain"

I was able to take this photo with a long exposure which shows up the streaks of rain. I have been looking out this morning for hopefully a return visit. However these experiences with the natural world are so momentary.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fantail Young

They moved at great speed and with excitement as their mother came to feed them. Flickering from branch to branch in anticipation of a good feed. Each young bird being fed in turn.

Then mother went away, beak empty of grubs and one by one they grouped at a high branch to rest side by side as if one bird.

Waiting patiently snuggled up in a sunny spot away from any danger from threats below, until food arrived and the whole cycle would begin again