Friday, June 26, 2020

Back to School !

Its been a busy couple of weeks including last week following an invitation to talk to  students at Belmont Primary school. My talk was entitled - How to keep Beaches and Shell banks safe for Shorebirds.

The students were really interested and very knowledgeable about how important mangroves are for estuary environments. I was very pleased to hear how they  can teach their parents to value these important native plants.
 It was a pleasure to share some photos of the many birds that are resident and migrate to  our local habitats. Many Thanks to Jo Scott their teacher for inviting me.

This week we have had meetings at the Patuone Reserve. We are still concerned that the walkway widening project will not be notified and that the best outcome for this walkway has not been properly discussed. The rush to sign off a boardwalk across a small bay rather than push the widened pathway around the grass area away from the estuary edge seems a good plan considering the increasing threats from sea level rise.

A resumption of bait pulse planning is  underway for the August pulse. Our volunteers are keen to to out again as the April pulse had to be abandoned due to Covid Lockdowns.