Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Just so excited today to get on board the German Research Vessel The  SONNE which had docked in Auckland after joint exploration with NZ GNS of the Kermadec Arc . Just amazing to see this state of the art research ship and meet some crew.

The equipment is fascinating especially the on-board submersible that can be lowered to 6000feet. Very useful considering that the Kermadec trench is 10 kilometres deep. This was a great opportunity. I considered stowing away.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pokorokoro Miranda Field Study Course -January 2017

Reminds me of my Field Study days in the UK. This is a fantastic course covering exactly the subjects I needed to support my wildlife interests. The Miranda team most welcoming as usual including Keith who took great delight on my arrival in telling me that I was the only male on the course. The bonus of this is that I have my own room so peace and quiet between dawn and dusk birding ventures.
The course participants are a great group and are fun too and all seem to contribute in some way to the energy and interest of this magic place.

Counting the Golden plover

John Charteris shows off the contents of his fish traps

Heading out on a Benthic Survey

Benthic core sampling

Shining cuckoo caught in mist net
Banding a kingfisher

Someone has to band the blackbird.
Peter and Ray checking the Benthic specimens

Robert Hoare in the glow of his moth lamp

A botanic huddle while looking for saltmarsh plants