Sunday, October 25, 2020

Welcome to the Godwits.

Saturday 24th was a perfect sunny afternoon to Welcome the Bar-Tailed Godwits newly arrived from Alaska to Shoal and Ngataringa bays. On the 15th of September 6 had arrived now there are 181.

This third annual event was hosted by BEAC ( Bayswater Environment Action Coalition) and RTH ( Restoring Takarunga Hauraki environmental network)).

A good group of people turned up and the godwits too, 3pm being well timed  for a 2.29 high tide roosting ( resting).flock.

I enjoyed sharing my scope and talking to the local residents who had come along to learn more about the wonderful godwits and other birds that visit our estuaries in NZ including our local Shoal and Ngataringa bays.