Thursday, February 9, 2017

MINTS gathering Ruapehu.

Just back from a fantastic stay exploring the Ruapehu area with my great 'MINT' friends.

 On our first evening we explored the botanic delights nearby.

 Then on Friday morning we set off up the mountain to walk to the Pinnacles and the Skyline ridge.

Ruapehu Ski Club's first hut, built 1923

MINTS enjoying the view

The Pinnacles

The following day we explored the other side of the mountain to walk in to see the historic Waihohonu hut and the crystal clear waters of the Ohinepango springs.

Common Copper

Waihohonu historic hut
Mt Ngauruhoe
Ohinepango springs

Spider wasp

Tomtit male

Waihohonu new hut

Our last morning was spent exploring a delightful footpath through a piece of bush near the National park railway station.


Drosera (sundew) Insectivorous plant

More photos to follow.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Moturoa Island and The Puketi Forest. Northland

Just back from a great visit to Moturoa Island in the Bay of Islands and then to the Puketi forest with the ABS. A highly successful visit with great weather, company and interest.

Photos and more too follow.