Friday, July 16, 2010

So what's wrong with Shed 10?

So far a wise outcome to the Auckland Queens wharf shed debate. An agreement to restore the near 100 year old shed 10, remove shed 11 and create areas for the Rugby World Cup 'party central' and the cruise ship terminal. Hopefully a good compromise that avoids yet another hasty demolition for a very short term gain and wastes money on a temporary building just for a party.
I like the comment architect Tony Watkins made, "The sheds have spent a lifetime getting ready for a party. No architect can create that magic". Apparently 22 architects have signed a letter in support of saving the sheds from demolition.
You only have to look at the beautifully restored Central Post Office just up the road from the wharf to see the possibilities. Or across the water in Devonport to see the restoration project on the old Torpedo bay sheds for the 'new' Navy museum.
Underneath that tacky cladding there are the bones of an historic structure. So what's wrong with shed 10?