Saturday, October 20, 2012


A long weekend stay in Rotorua had Wingspan on the list of 'must do activities' This is a charitable trust  with the main aim of educating people about the seriously endangered New Zealand falcon. This was an excellent opportunity to get up close to these birds of prey including Swamp Harrier and Barn owls. But the main show was the flight of a male  and female falcon. The speed and maneuverability of these birds in flight was just amazing and the small group of us with cameras at the ready  were no match for their skills. 

While there I exchanged cards with another visitor Ilse and when Ilse saw my card she instantly recognised my photo of native broom. Subsequently Ilse contacted to tell me the story that she had used my recent publication about North Shore bush in her research for the 'Every Day Collective Laboratory' project on the North Shore, with reference to Heritage and the Environment.
It was lovely to meet Ilse and Emmosi on such an enjoyable visit to Wingspan.
My thanks to the team at Wingspan for making our day.