Saturday, October 26, 2013

Alien Invasion- 'War of the Worlds'

A blast from the past. The Lightbox Gallery in Surrey are running an exhibition on alien invasions.  My connection being that I photographed scenes around Horsell Common where HG Wells landed his tripod fighting machines from Mars that then proceeded to destroy the surrounding area in his famous book The 'War of the Worlds'

  They have asked for permission to use the photos in their exhibition which will run from October to January.

I'm a great HG fan and at the moment I am working my way through another of his books. It has the unlikely title of 'Love and Mr Lewisham'. It's a love story and shows just how versatile Wells writing could be.

This tripod statue made of stainless steel is set in a street of the local town of Woking that was destroyed by these machines.

Check out this link to see details of the Lightbox exhibition.