Sunday, July 27, 2014

Wetapunga on Motuora Island

A change of plans today, on a cool but blue sky winters day, when Chris Green from DOC asked me to assist him for the day recording and checking on wetapunga (giant weta) on Motuora Island.

A large number of wetapunga reared at Auckland zoo had previously been released, housed in bamboo pipes on the Island and today we were checking and recording any weta still found inhabiting the pipes after their release.

This was a tree planting day on the Island and a big event with the larger group of 105 people but Chris and I were on the  East  side of the Island following the release line through the bush and it was all extremely interesting. Thanks Chris for sharing your knowledge  especially  how to spot wetapunga in trees. I will give that a try. I look forward to another opportunity to help with this project.

Nice evening Eliane, good to catch up, enjoyed the meal. I was ready for that after my day chasing wetas on the Island.