Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fishing or Trapping?

Well actually some of both. We waded across the river, it was cold just 10 degrees. The air temperature around 11 degrees with the wind chill of a persistent southerly breeze down the river. But the sun was shining and Eliane was keen to continue her fish survey.
Native freshwater Crayfish / koura

I was keen to help and see what might turn up this time. This survey should give an indication of the health of the river and show the potential for food for foraging terns to feed their chicks. These native crayfish/koura are a good indication of healthy water quality.

Great evening with Suzy, George,
Anne, Eliane. Thanks All and a great wine choice Anne. You danced  your legs of at the 'Harley D' club Eliane!

More to follow.....................