Sunday, February 22, 2015

Motuora Island

It's a working party group to Motuora Island today with MRS the Motuora Restoration Society  and the weather is perfect and more importantly the sea is calm. We are a smaller group and wondering what tasks are before us. We are quickly landed and then to work today clearing invasive weed from the ponds on  the Island.

 Jennifer Graeme and I tackle the smaller one with no water. It's completely dried up but surrounded by close bush so became very hot and quite airless to work. However the task was completed and then we were free to explore the Island until the pick up boat arrives at 3.30pm.

 I always head for the North and Southern most points of the Island and do my usual search for copper and blue butterflies. Then for a swim to cool off . We all wanted to stay in the water the temperature was just perfect and it was good to wash off some of the dirt from the mornings work especially those that had chosen the pond with knee depth water.

Another great day on this beautiful Island.

Common Copper Female feeding on muehlenbeckia 

Young Caspian Tern begging for attention and food.

Juvenile Gannet at the new colony
Jennifer pond clearing

Graeme pond clearing

Just about finished

Common Copper Male on muehlenbeckia.
Just Back. More photos to follow