Saturday, April 18, 2015


Auckland is a fascinating area for its volcanic history and features surrounding the city and today was a chance to visit the Grotto at Onehunga. Its thought that this feature was caused by a volcanic collapse over flowing larva.

Geoff Ewen and Claire enjoying the shower!
Maybe not the best day to visit because as soon as we assembled to hear Tim explain the site the heavens opened and we stood listening in a downpour. A good turn out though as usual and good to catch up with people. We were soon heading into what was once a pond and wetland but today was dry underfoot from the summer drought. Then we explored botanising the surrounding bush, clambering up the muddy sides  of the pit which was a privet forest. Mike spotted a maidenhair fern.

The rain stopped until we came out then a torrential down pour. A quick lunch in the car and on to our second destination Anne's bay and a walk along the mangrove lined foreshore with weed and pest plants galore but also Muehlenbeckia and a native geranium and Mike showed us sea grass as the tide was now receding. Then spoonbill were spotted sifted the water of the estuary and a total of six were seen which was great climax to the day.

Photos to follow...................................