Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dotterel Shelters

In January 2009 I was exploring on the East coast and I came across this little shelter and a sign. I was amused by this and impressed too as the dotterels seemed to accept the protection from overhead predators and children using the beach.


In November 2012 I met the builder of the shelter and  sign quite by chance when I again visited that coast. I had just photographed a dotterel carrying a dead chick and showed this photo to Eliane who was also watching birds through her scope on this beach.

 We have enjoyed many shared fun walks and kayaking adventures on both coastlines. Today we are back on the East coast.

Well here we are again and its another 'dotterel day' enjoying these birds and this one below already in breeding plumage and resting on one leg. With the evening light there are always interesting tracks to look at and here you can see this birds one leg hop turn into a two leg hop.

Dotterels and Hauturu Island in the late afternoon light

Dotterel already in breeding plumage
One foot hop turns to two foot hop

In the forest there are  fly agaric below the pine trees. I am always surprised that these are so much smaller than the dinner plate sized ones I was used to in the UK. Maybe this is something to do with the climate
Evening light in the forest with the trapping gear.

Evening light on Muehlenbeckia in the forest