Wednesday, June 3, 2015


On the 21st of April I photographed three wrybill from my kayak on a shell bank with pied stilt in Shoal bay.
 Then at the weekend I discovered 60 on the shell bank at Ngataringa Bay at high tide. On returning at low tide there was no sign of them feeding in the estuary. In previous years I have seen them feeding on the Bayswater side of the estuary and at the western side of shoal bay towards the motorway.

 They are a fascinating small bird endemic to New Zealand with a curious bent beak. They breed on the braided rivers of the South Island and visit the North Island during the winter months  to forage for food at the edge of estuaries.

They are a significant bird to me because I first photographed them at Miranda in 2011 when on meeting a keen birder who 'opened my eyes' to a greater interest in shore birds.