Friday, December 31, 2021

Old Year Out

 The clock is ticking to the beginning of a 2022. There are many reasons to put 2021 behind us but then for many of us its not been so bad when you consider the turmoil that exists in so many places on our shared planet Earth.

So I'm for thanking all the people who have made it an enjoyable experience and for the opportunities I have had to enjoy their company and engage with good conversations and a shared enjoyment of Nature. Sadly one of those people is Jim Eagles who sadly passed away very recently. I will miss Jim and  our  regular catch-ups when counting the shorebirds at Shoal and Ngataringa estuaries for  wader bird counts. And on other occasions at Miranda and on Cheltenham beach. Our condolences go out to Chris and their family. 

Other sadness at this time of the  year is remembering my sister Susanne who passed at Christmas time last year. My thoughts are with her family too.

So lets all enjoy what we have and the friends we value and share a toast to another year ahead.