Sunday, July 10, 2022

Patuone Southern Boardwalk

 The rather contentious building of the Patuone Southern board walk is well underway. This is stage 2 of the Patuone Reserve walkway upgrade long overdue but now widened considerably to accommodate future use by  cycles and evehicles.

This structure intrudes into the Special Ecological Area (SEA)  which is designated as  Marine 2 on the Auckland Unitary Plan.

 This area is the known habitat of the DOC classified as AT Risk banded rail. A cryptic species now totally dependent on mangrove filled estuaries North of Auckland apart from one or two other sites in NZ including Nelson. The mangroves allow the banded rail to move around the estuary discretely protecting them from aerial predation. Rats and cats are also a risk for this species so since 2017 we have been monitoring a bait line in this area..

Yesterday with the help from volunteers from  Oceanbridge  we  planted more trees supplied by the Kaipatiki project nursery to improve the biodiversity of this reserve. A big thanks to Dan Marrow from Auckland Council who organised the event..