Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chop it Down

When a mature pohutukawa tree gets in your way on the  Devonport peninsular this is what you do - you Chop it Down.  It’s the tree in the middle of the attached photo.  To make way for an extension and a swimming pool. How crazy on Cheltenham beach.  It lost it's previous protection with the RMA changes.

Nov 5th The centre pohutukawa is the condemned tree

Nov 16th. The pohutukawa was chopped down yesterday

The planners report stated that the ‘The removal of the pohutukawa will be mitigated by other planting’.
This was reported in the Flagstaff and challenged by the Devonport Heritage people Nov 3rd.  The tree was chopped down on the 15th Nov ( yesterday) .

 A letter in the Flagstaff today by a Robert Weber suggests that the ‘Council needs to have a serious rethink about the values it has and the duty to protect in the interests of all of us’  He states that by law the council has to weigh the benefits of development against the effect on natural resources.