Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Godwit Roost

With a 3.5 Metre high tide this morning at 10.29 I had to check the roost sites of Ngataringa and Shoal bay. It was a fine day with a Northerly breeze.

Ngataringa was quiet with two white faced heron an NZ dotterel and a few SIPOS

I counted 174 godwit on two close together shell banks in Shoal bay near where we had watched a lone godwit fly in to feed on Saturdays walk.

One of the Shoal Bay shell banks with 127 of the total flock of 174 godwit seen today
Other birds seen in Shoal bay included 13 South Island pied oystercatcher (SIPOS) on another roost site and 4 Variable oystercatcher, two white faced herons and a pair of NZ dotterel with the godwit.