Sunday, February 4, 2018

Ruapehu MINTs meet-up. 2018

I'm just back and uploading photos from a great time with MINTs friends at our latest annual gathering at Ruapehu. It's our fourth year of exploration of this area.

 It was great to meet Jutta and Rudi from Whanganui who added to the fun and interest especially as Rudi is a 'fly' man. Neil joined us too, tip toeing across streams photographing every inch of our travels.
Fern bird followed us from Day 1 as we negotiated the Mangahuia track which took us rather longer (8.5 hours) rather  than the DOC signage (5hours) but then we hardly moved far for the first hour as we attempted to get photos of the  illusive fern birds that were tantalizingly close but eluded our cameras for a clear shot.

On Day 2 We explored the Mahui falls and Toakakura falls area where Neil spotted a Whio ( blue duck) further downstream so we bush bashed until Neil could find a suitable tree to climb to get a clear photo. On the way back we enjoyed the Lahar Mounds walk too.
The ascent to the amphitheatre on Day 3 offered some stunning views and a chance to navigate the volcanic rocks to search for alpine flowers.

More to follow....................................

Mt Ngauruhoe from Mt Ruapehu

Looking for my Sherpa ! Thanks for this one Neil.

MINT friends lunch stop. Sooz is up and ready to go. I'm wearing my half Lawrence today!
Tomtit along the Mangahuia track

Dragonfly along Mangahuia track
Can you see the camouflaged grasshopper?

Grey Warbler at Tawhai Falls walk

More to follow....................................