Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentines Day and a closer look at some bird legs

I like the valentine day quote by Micky Rooney who said - "Always get married early in the morning, in case it doesn't work out and then you haven't wasted the whole day".

It  seemed like a good idea at the time. Should we move the sound anchor?   It had been washed away from its upright position with the storm and we had rescued it and moved it to higher ground to come back another day with a spade to re erect it nearby. Today was that day. However it seemed to make sense to move it to the new shell bank nesting site about half a kilometre south.

It's  very heavy being constructed  on a half round log pole complete with solar panel speaker electronics and heavy battery. Fortunately the kayak wheels saved the day as we trussed one end to the wheels and it rather resembled something that you might struggle with to appear with at an Easter ceremony. But it worked and in the high humidity and 27 degrees heat was a much easier option than carrying it on sun burnt shoulders.

Easter parade

That's a long haul along the beach

New location for sound anchor

A new SD card is installed in the camera
The high tide roost site was inundated with red knots, bar-tailed godwit, SIPOS, VOC's NZ dotterel Banded dotterel and turnstone.

When I later looked at these photos I noticed the orange flag on the leg of a Red Knot
 The Red Knot with the orange flag on its leg was apparently caught about ten years ago in Victoria. Thanks for promptly replying to my email and passing on this info Adrian.

The day ended with a meet up with other friends for a meal in a local town to celebrate a birthday the following day.