Monday, April 2, 2018


I had just arrived home from a meeting and talk about native eels this evening when I again heard the morepork in the direction of the Northboro Reserve. I am keen to pinpoint its location as I have some concerns that a local development that recently received the go-ahead from the Local Board to progress a land swap with the reserve will soon be removing trees in that area. I set off with head torch and was reminded of my badger & fox watching days -out at dusk with a red cellophane covered torch hoping to watch these amazing creatures.

Its a lovely moonlit night hence a high tide shorebird roost count tomorrow morning. With  star sprinkled clear skies and the moon like a searchlight above I soon reach the boardwalk and edge of the Northboro estuary inlet and the owl calls again right from in the middle of the development area.

I returned home to spend a further couple of hours listening to it before falling asleep for the night.